“The only things that can surpass the quality, style, ease of installation of Chem-Pruf products is the quality of the people working for them. Thank you everyone at Chem-Pruf.”

Paul A. Santos, Project Manager
Arbon Equipment Corporation

“I love my Chem-Pruf doors because they arrive ready to install, making my job easier and more efficient.”

Lucy Gonzales, Project Manager
JTR Constructors, Inc.

“Customers that I provided Chem-Pruf doors to nine years ago will not consider looking at another brand due to the great performance and reliability of Chem-Pruf.”

Susan Moon, Division Door Manager
Richand, LLC

“We were faced with both time constraints and hardware supplier delivery problems. Your Regional Sales Manager arranged to have the doors prepared for hardware, and using your unitized system, we were able to have all of the doors installed prior to the plant startup. This effort saved us two weeks on our schedule and allowed us to satisfy our customer’s needs.”

John J. Doss, President
Trinity Insulation Company

“We have been selling Chem-Pruf doors for a few years now, and have been impressed with the quality. We always get very positive feedback from our customers, even years after an installation. The durability and ease of maintenance is what they comment on.”

Sam Lyons – Benchmark
Garwood, New Jersey

“American Specialty Systems, Inc. has installed many Chem-Pruf Standard FRP doors in many different food production plants and we have yet to return to any site to repair anything involving a Chem-Pruf door.”

Eric Seaman, Project Manager
American Specialties, Inc.

“Since 1968 I have built many projects in the Western United States. I have never seen a nicer commercial door. Not once has any of my orders from Chem-Pruf been incorrect or late. The doors, frames, and hardware have never required a service call on any of the many installations. Not even an adjustment. I will use Chem-Pruf doors for many years to come.”

Scott Shull, Project Manager
Terry Ray Construction

“I discovered Chem-Pruf doors about 14 years ago. Since then I’ve become an advocate of these doors. They stay in great shape in the harshest conditions we put them through. It is a pleasure working with this outfit.”

Pnina Goldberg, Senior Architect/Project Manager
University of California at San Diego