FRP Windows & Wall Louvers

FRP Wall Windows

Chem-Pruf has numerous wall window frames to choose from that will enhance the look of a wall window. These frames were engineered to be as corrosion resistant as can be made, and strong enough to survive far beyond that of any wall window frame made today. Our frames have a 25-mils gel coat as the outer surface, which is molded in. This provides maximum corrosion resistance possible. Chem-Pruf wall window frames use various types of inorganic cores to reduce weight and provide structural rigidity. Chem-Pruf wall window frames are manufactured by resin transfer molding in closed rigid molds assuring uniformity in color and size. The wall window units are assembled at Chem-Pruf to assure that the unit is ready for installation upon receipt. When it comes to choosing colors for wall window frames, architects and engineers can select any of Chem-Pruf's standard colors, or the color can be custom matched. This is an advantage over standard aluminum window frames, which come in only a few colors. Chem-Pruf's gel coat finish is molded in at the time of manufacture. It is permanent, and about half the cost of paint and field painting. The gel coat finish is the first line of defense against chemical attack and is very cost-effective. In comparison to painted type windows, which can be high maintenance and expensive, Chem-Pruf®'s gel-coated products require minimal maintenance, and will never need painting.

Style 4 Wall Window


Chem-Pruf's Style 4 Wall Window is a 2-inch profile 5 ¾" wide double rabbet fixed window frame.

Style 5 Wall Window


Chem-Pruf's Style 5 Wall Window is a 1 1/4 inch profile, 5 3/4 inch wide single rabbet fixed window frame with a drainable stop. The drainable stop prevents the buildup of dirt or trash on the sill.

Style 6 Wall Window


Chem-Pruf's Style 6 Wall Window is a 4-inch single rabbet, 1 3/4 inch profile frame with a self-draining stop.

Style 7 Wall Window


Chem-Pruf's Style 7 Wall Window is a 7 1/4 inch single rabbet, 2 13/16 inch profile frame with a self-draining stop.

Corrosion-Resistant FRP Louvers

The perfect solution to a corrosive environment, Chem-Pruf FRP wall louvers provide years of low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant service. All parts - jambs, headers, sills, slats and vanes - are manufactured from gel-coated, fiberglass-reinforced polymers (FRP). Resins are tailored for the exact conditions where the louvers will be installed.

Lovuers are of a flush construction, with a gelcoated outer surface of approximately 25 mills (equal to 50-60 coats of paint). The gelcoat is molded into the laminate and utilizes the same resin chemistry used in the glass resin substrate. Gelcoat serves as the primary barrier against corrosive attack and can be formulated in a wide variety of colors.

In the fabrication process, following the gelcoating, an envelope consisting of 2 ounces of continuous-strand fiberglass is infused with resin to form a completely solid, corrosion -resistant part. Embosses for securing and positioning the slats or vanes are integrally molded at one time as the jambs are formed.

All reinforcing resins contain a halogenated additive or coreactants plus anitomy trioxide. Resins yield a flame spread of 25 or less per ASTM E-84 and are self-extinguishing per ASTM D-635. The use of ATH (hydrated aluminum powder) to lower smoke propagation and suppress ignitability is frequently used.

A few different wall louvers that we offer are listed below:

45fixed copy

Fixed 45-degree Louver

This is a fixed 45-degree blade air make-up louver. It is used to allow air to flow freely in or out of a building while keeping the majority of the elements out.

45 Degree Louver

This is a movable blade louver, adjustable from closed to 45 degrees open. It is used to control the flow of air in or out of a building by varying how far the slats are opened.

Wall Louver

90 Degree Louver

This is a movable blade louver, adjustable from closed to 90 degrees open. It is used to control the flow of air in or out of a building by varying how far the slats or opened. When the slats are in the 90-degree position the resistance to air flow is at a minimum offering maximum airflow.