P-Series Quick Ship Door

Now Available with Hardware!

Chem-Pruf P-Series fiberglass door systems are engineered and manufactured to withstand the most corrosive environments with a stile and rail construction. The same great product you love, with a limited offering, will ship out in just 11 WEEKS as part of our new quick ship offering. Chem-Pruf P-Series FRP Quick Ship doors are constructed with a polypropylene honeycomb core (PPC) surrounded by a pultruded FRP tubular structural stile, rail, and midrail sub-frame. CP-P Quick Ship doors are shipped fully prepped for hardware and come with a lifetime warranty!

Lead Time - Shipment within 11 weeks from receipt of P.O. containing complete bill to and ship to information with completed editable PDF indicating door and frame configurations required.

Available Sizes-

  • 6070 Doors and Frame, Doors Only, or Frame Only
  • 3070 Door and Frame, Door Only, or Frame Only
  • Maximum order size: 10 openings
  • Doors are fully prepped for hardware as selected on PDF

  • Semi-gloss urethane topcoat finish in 3 colors

  • Standard door construction (no Fire-Rated or Storm-Rated doors available within the Quick Ship program)

  • NOTE: Deviation from these offerings will place order into standard program with standard lead times (standard lead times vary depending on production capacity and order complexity. Please consult factory for current lead times).

Gelcoat -The skins for the door begin with the application of an “in mold” 25-30 mil gel coat. A connective tissue is formed with a chopped strand glass fiber mat, followed by a muscular bi-axial glass fiber structural reinforcement layer that further strengthens the door skins.

The composite skins are simultaneously fused onto both faces and all edges of the door under pressure until cured - not only to the FRP sub-frame but to the entire honeycomb core - forming a bond that fully integrates all components. This is a highly advanced method of assembly using press-mold technology. Each door is factory finished with a specially formulated multi-component polyurethane industrial chemical coating for the semi-gloss color topcoat.

Pultrusion Stile and Rail –The stile and rail construction starts with a phenolic impregnated kraft honeycomb core surrounded by a rigid high-modulus, pultruded FRP tubular structural stile, rail, and midrail sub-frame.

At each of the sealed corner joints and hardware locations of the sub-frame, non-hygroscopic polymer blocking is inserted as reinforcement, providing the ultimate in strength for screw retention and compression resistance.


  • 25-30 mil gelcoat with semi-gloss urethane topcoat finish
  • Phenolic impregnated kraft honeycomb core
  • Rigid high-modulus pultruded FRP tubular structural stile, rail, and midrail sub-frame
  • Non-hygroscopic polymer blocking hardware reinforcements

Warranty – Each Chem-Pruf P-Series fiberglass door comes standard with a limited lifetime warranty and provides excellent service life and corrosion resistance for the most severe environments.

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